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Hi, Welcome to my new Sechs Kies Eng fan blog. For those Sechs Kies lovers please do enjoy anything related while you stay. This blog is here to gear up my fanism, and it is here to strictly upload Sechs Kies' stuffs ONLY. =) I hope to meet many Sechs Kies fans here and onward! So, let's talk and chat =D

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wow long time no talk ..

I have been visiting this blog quite often.. but I haven't posted anything for a looong time. not after SH's bday this year!!! hope everyone's doing fabulous. =)

I know JJ got discharged from his MS. Finally!! LOL and he said he's on his way for a 23 day 24 night vacation to Jeju Island. haha hope he enjoys his after MS vacation!!! XD

Jaejin's younger sister got married to YG. who is the owner of YG Entertainment which is one of the biggest celebrity (esp. singers) entertainment. wow. they have been dating for almost 9 years and they're now married. they didn't do the actual ceremony but they are officially the "husband and wife". Im sure Jaejin is very happy for his sister, and im happy too that Eunjoo (who is JJ's sister) is happy after all the struggles that she was given. (like losing both of her parents, and her one and only brother AWOLed without notice.. sigh!) and YG got Jaejin's back.. im sure from now on everything's gonna run smooth for Jaejin and his sister. and i hope he releases a new album from YG =)

also, i wonder when Jaeduc will be coming back to the screens.!
and I heard SW is doing fine at the military. =) i just wanna say, time does fly SW!!!! just wait for another year and a half!!! fighting!!! g'luck!!!!! =D

I saw someone wrote that she saw Jiyong and Sunghoon together at a cafe. they were talking and were in a good friendly relationship, from her point of view but im sure that's true. Im so happy that two of them are getting along fine. especially these two cuz they are the ones we cannot see them on TV!!! and when the person (who saw JY and SH) asked SH for an autograph, SH told her that he's not a celebrity anymore. hmm.. what can i say.. =(

anywho. that's about it! hope everyone have a cool summer. it's getting cooler in TO. LOL but still hot and humid !!!!!!!!! +_+

Happy birthday Sunghoon! =)

Hoony!! Happy birthday!
Hope you're having a wonderful day today!
Miss u so much! S2 S2