Next Week on Come to play! - Jiwon and Suwon!

It's official that Suwon will be featuring as Jiwon's guest for the next week's episode of Come to play! yay! I cant imagine how long Ive been waiting for this epi. cuz I know they rec this show in the middle/early last month and I thought they never air this show, but i guess they will. haha. what a relief.
Look at both of their name tags! It said "Jekki" and how im grateful for their reminiscences, i do hope they say many things about their Jekki personal/official moments other than the ones they already talked about. I also hope they sing some of old Jekki's songs (not that im implying Jekki members are old or anything) other than the "couple" or "Pom saeng pom sa" They always sing "couple" when they gather for a performance stage. why! im seriously asking this! why only couple! I know couple is a very nice song and all, but there are tons of great Jekki songs and i want some of those younger generations hear their songs to notify how great they were. am i being too obnoxious?LOL As matter of fact I want them to sing "Reckless love"! (moo mo han sa rang, if pronounced in Korean words) but i know they'll prolly sing couple, if they had a chance. =(
Next week's episode, which Suwon will be featuring, is about "best friends" of the Come to play guests and Jiwon invited Suwon over. awwe. Was it always been like this? I have the foggiest idea but i guess it was. Im juz happy to hear that Jiwon had thought about Suwon as his best buddy and even invited him over. wow. They still have a good friendship don't they =D
Well im really looking forward to watch next week's episode. It's going to be aired on next Monday June 15th. Don't miss it for the world! im sure i wont! XD

+) Is it juz me or isn't Jiwon's hair style really weird? Doesn't anyone agree with me? =9


Anonymous said...

Lol izzru ur not the only one that had that thoughts abt jiwon hair when i first saw it my first sentence that came to mind was "jw hair looks weird, really doesn suit him lol" I so wanna watch this but then again even if i watch this i wun knw wat they are talking which will make it hmm less advantage for me? but nevertheless i am still goin to watch this coz i juz adore how their brotherhood is still goin on even after they broke up to be frank it was becoz of their brotherhood relationship which make me fall for sechskies:D it was so sweet of jiwon to invite suwon over as the best frend guest which make me feel so assure that jiwon still treat his grp member as his special brother/best frend:)i simply love that jekki name tag they put on sw and jw i hope they will reminisce alot of jekki great moment together in this epi oh izzru like u too i hope they will sing others jekki song than their normal "couple" song such as comeback or their debut song hagwonbyolgog but nah i tink if they were ask to sing they wld most prob sing couple again :( but oh well i dun mind as long as i can see them together :) hmm izzru actually if it wasn too much for u do u mind if u cld translate a few of wat sw and jw said esp when they talk on the jekki stuff?

Anonymous said...

oh more thing i forgot to mention this don u tink that sw doesn seem to age after he shave off that moustache?he looks juz like 10 yrs ago on the 4th album lol :D

izzru said...

jama// His hair kinda makes his face more elongated doesn't it? LOL i mabbe prefer his baldy hair style now after seeing how he's styling his grown hair :S
and dun worry abt it! i'll translate some of the clips from CTP definitely! Im gonna make separate jiwon and suwon cut clips haha. and i do hope they talk alot abt themselves on the show, or the producers didn't edit their parts alot im worried abt this cuz there's a news about Yoon Jung Chang and Hong Chul No (one's singer and one's comedian) and their relationship started after the recording of next week's epi, so CTP producers may focus more about them instead of jiwon and suwon ;-(
Suwon does look young without his moustache doesn't he? LOL he is a mega superduper cute cutie!! XD suwon used be really slim but now he has muscled arms, chest and shoulders, =( I used to luv his slim body figures durin Jekki years but he is quite muscular now. ;( (not that i like skinny guys in reality LOL i luv chubby guys but i prefer slim looks on Jekki!! i dunno why LOL

Kate said...

OMG!!!! It's FINALLY here! :DDDDD
I probably won't be able to watch though, sigh I hate my schedule. When I was watching 1n2d and jiwon was like "I'm taking suwon" that got me really REALLY hyper. xD so this will have to do, anyways.
jekki was almost /deprived/, not just skinny (Yes, I /am/ a fan). But yeah, I say out with the muscles. Suwon could be mistaken for a high school student if he just tried hard enough. Sigh, he's going to service too this year, isn't he? I'll just have my hopes on him for an album (Jiwon has already forsaken us :/
lol, Couple is like their title song. But that's okay, I like all of their songs anyways. What's more important than that is that Jiwon doesn't sing anymore! If you search on youtube there's that clip with jiwon, jaeduc and suwon singing couple, and obviously they fixed it so that jiwon would have a part at all. I wish jiwon would sing, but I shouldn't expect too much of him.
Jiwon's hair: I have a lot to say about this issue, but oppa! PLEASE! actually he would look okay in this hair if he were just as skinny as he was back in adios. The problem is that he keeps shaving off the side of his hair and so he has this funny /thing/ at the front and no hair at all on the back or sides. he's even hard to recognise in some of the shots.
oh my. long comment. again, thanks for posting

izzru said...

Kate>> YES YES YES Finally they're gonna air this epiode! =D I was waiting for a month to see this show. it's abt time isn't it.
i gotta say they were extremely slim and i really liked it that way and still do LOL i dunno why, but i dont want Jekki to be fat or even chubby. if i personlly knew them, like if they werent the celebrities (which is impossible in both ways btw) i wouldn't care for the world whether they're gaining weight or not, but as long as they're them and it is surely unchanging eternally, i want them to be in their best body fit, other than having ridiculous beer belly that represents the world of *laziness*. (hullo jiwon! woohoo! LOL and im his fan btw!)
I do hope Suwon talks abt his up coming album on the show, or is it too early for him to say something abt that. Suwon was and is always a hardworking person who doesn't give up things easily, so if his album doesn't come out before this military service, i won't disappointed cuz im sure there were plausible explanations regarding the current situations. (cuz he changed to diff entertainment and they dun support him as much) and yes i do trust Suwon alot. =D
doesn't Jiwon's hair look like a pineapple? LOL I juz wanna cut off the green leaves parts off of his pineapple hair!! hahahaa X9

yaya said...

imma cry!!!
it's great to see Su Won on shows now too!!! i've always loved EJW for being out there cause i've missed these boys so much!!! im defintely going to watch this and see if i can catch it on youtube!!!! thanks!!!! ahhhh!!!

jama said...

Hey yaya nice to see another jekki here:)like u im so gonna look out for this vid too =D

Izzru i agree jiwon hair look kinda like a pineapple hair haha i tink i prefer seeing him bald too but frankly it be more great if he could grow his hair back again when during his jekki day *wishful tinking* oh abt suwon actually when i first saw him i was like god suwon definitely has grown to be a more mature man esp wif those moustache and those muscle i tink suwon wld have look more cuter wif those slimy body that he had during the jekki day seriously actually i love all the boys look back then during their jekki heyday they look more handsome :D

kate said...

at the 5/5 crisis (is that what we've decided to call it now? xP) I actually took the time to tell him (it wasn't even asking. I just half-ordered him) that he /had/ to grow his hair to his knees like he promised. Yeah, I can't believe I was able to say that in that mess, but still, and he was like 'sure'!!!!
yeah. conclusion: I just want him to grow it. Nothing else. STOP SHAVING THE SIDES!!!

izzru said...

yaya// Hey =) I try to watch Jiwon's participating variety shows but I don't end up watch any of them, but it's great to see him working actively with his career XD Suwon will be featuring on Come to play next week and im so excited to watch it. I'll prolly watch it thru youtube too, and i will dl it and try to put some clips on the blog =)

izzru said...

jama// Yay! I see that more Jekki supports/fans coming to the blog and wanna say, yeay Jekki!! XD
I heard Jiwon's socalled 'pineapple' hair is not there anymore awwe. He's now growing the side of his hair, finally, and he's prolly try diff style. I want him to have a thick, with volume hair style! and get rid of his cheek/neckline chubbiness a bit =9
Im not trying to be like i like slim guys attd cuz i dun LOL but when i first fell in luv w/ Suwon, he had his slim figures which brough the protectiveness side of him. I just miss those days when Suwon had his babyface which made him look like an innocent sweet guy. =) and he's now so muscular and manly which all those Jekki cuteness are gone, and i juz miss those days =9

izzru said...

Kate// LOL! he did say 'sure'? omg that's so sweet of him! i juz wanna say, if i can, if jiwon see himself in a mirror, he'll definitely grow the side hair. I can't see any reason that he's shaving off his side hair? XO but thank goodness he's now 'not' shaving those sides LOL it's kinda un/official that its 55crisis X) I heard the event wasn't the greatest cuz it was very disorganized is that correct? and the attd of jiwon was actually bit on the lame side too. Plz try not to change your attd towards your fans jiwon! >=O

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