Sechs Kies 2nd Album :: Kisado LIVE + interview (Jekki's very first 1st ranking in music show)

I got hurt during the concert preparation, but I'm okay
We are so thankful for this honourable chance given to us humble Jekki.

Everyone, Thank you very much for this prize.
Us Jekki'll try our very best for you who have given us this opportunity.


Although Jekki's 1st album was a mega MEGA hit, they hadn't received any 1st rank on music programs. In Korea there are several k-pop ranking music show programs (entitled to each broadcasting company) and the rankings are aired every week. Although Jekki did a marvelous job with their 1st album, they hadn't received any 1st prize, there were always 2nd, and i dunno why they hadn't received any 1st, cuz they so deserved to be the best! anyway, likewise for their 2nd album's title song "kisado" Jekki didn't expect the 1st ranking for this music show. They are so humble and they knew that they'll reach their best when they try their best. See Jaeduc's crying when the show announced Jekki as the 1st rank? sigh. I can't imagine how much they wanted to be the best. anyway, this show was a start to their big, huge stardom. After the kisado and its 1st rank on the show Jekki were unstoppable, invincible and incredible. (well, in my point of view that is LOLs)
Personally I luv luv Kisado, its music and the dance steps. For me, Kisado is one of the "jekki"-like song, i'd say it is very Jekki-ish song =) and not only the melody and the rhythm, i like the steps of choreograph of this song. Check out the middle background music part where 3 of the members gathers at the center and 3 members spread out, and vise versa with the melody. Im proud to say that this is my fave part of the song. LOL i dunno why but i just fell in luv with Jekki even more when i first saw this stage with that specific dance move abt 10 years ago. haha. Anyway like other Jekki songs, Kisado is my fave and I'll upload more of the live vids later on. OHH and for the next kisado post, i'll mainly focus on the "LIVE performance" of Jekki, how they perform live perfectly with all that vigorous dance steps and how Jekki changed their parts with other members and apparently sing other parts =) it's very very cute.

and this gif is made by me, i found how suwon hugs jiwon (although he's 2 people away) after they announced the 1st rank of the show. AWWWWE i love LOVE love suwon jiwon moments. hehe. Suwon seems like a little kid when he fastwalk toward jiwon and Jiwon seems like a big daddy when he reach out his arms to suwon when jiwon saw suwon running(?) towards him. LOL love jwsw!


jama said...

Im so glad that you posted this vid here rem i gt wrote at youtube i have alot of things to say on this vid :p Anyway wow the number are close turbo nearly win them over its no wonder that even jaeduc are weeping when the host announced that jekki as the 1st rank, i can also see how the other members are so thrilled notice how all the members were looking anxiously when the number polling was rolling? im so so glad that they finally won the 1st ranking i can see how much they really wanted to win the 1st ranking and can i say they so deserve this prize!! Their hard work finally paid off..Woot!
Aww so jaejin got hurt during the concert preparation? no wonder during the perf he was dancing carefully i simply love their brotherhood notice how jy goes to help jj out right after the perf it was simply so sweet :) The gif was super cute lol izzru, sw really luv jw huh did u notice that jd was lookin at sw wantin to hug him? but instead sw went straight to jw lol haha :D Thanks for the vid,gif and pic izzru luv them in white suit they look soo fine in it..lookin forward to see the switching parts perf that u mention i bet it muz be so cute =D

izzru said...

Jaeduc sigh, i bet he is the most considerate and the most sensitive guy in the universe! he's so sweet!! XD Jaeduc and everybody else in Jekki, really wanted to get the title of the 1st ranking from the beginning of their Jekki career, of course. Cuz in their 1st album, altho pom pom was a mega mega hit, they never gotten the 1st place, it was very frustrated as a fan to watch that they always get the 2nd place. They were in the winner's circle alright, but they always got the 2nd place. so from kisado, their 1st ranking in every title song begins and the legacy of Jekki begins. LOLs.
Jaejin got hurt his back during the preparation of the 98 concert, notice how he doesn't dance much in the performance? =( sigh!!!!!
i just luv the jiwon and suwon moments and how they wanted to 'hug' each other after the announcement of their 1st title. lol. it's total mindblowing. sigh how i miss those days.

izzru said...

For the next post, (i'll update tonight if the time allows) i will upload the 'switching the parts' of the kisado performances lol. i bet u watched them before, but i know you'll luv them again! ;) I just go fan crazy whenever i see their "it's totally jekki" performances.

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