[100211] Jiwon's letter from his fan meeting

From his fan meeting which was held on Feb 11 2010, Jiwon personally wrote a letter to his fans. like a thank you letter. It's very touching (sobs) and here goes the translation~

(Girl) IS this the first time? (that jiwon wrote a letter)
(JW) Sorry?
(Girl) First time? First time?
(Audience) Yes
(JW) Oh. yes.


Dear fans
It's been awhile since I have written a letter, so it's very awkward and shy, but i'm jotting down few words of sincerity. It's been around 13-14 years since i debuted along the name of Sechs kies, also there would be fans from all those years and the newly fans also, I give huge thanks for those who encourage, support, take care about me Eun Jiwon. But i didn't give back much attention which made you sad and unhappy, and i know this better than anyone else, so once again i am truly sorry, and thank you.
No matter what others say, since you cherish and look after me till the end, I fully know that i'm where i am now. Although I may act cold, look unfriendly and don't express much, I hope you know my heart isn't like that. As time and years pass by and we get old, no one knows we will meet again in this closely arranged meeting, but I do hope that we will, and i want to keep this meeting as an unforgettable lifetime memory. I thank you for all those fans who is with from far distance and lastly love you guys.

+) Although it's not the only letter that jiwon (or Jekki) wrote & read to fans, "they" are saying it is the first. hoo, hey there. forgot the days of Jekki? lols. funny.

+2) So touching words Jiwon ='( but I didnt like it when he said 'sorry' cuz there's nothing for him to apologize about. SIGH. mabbe he's sorry that he'll retire in 2 years? i dunno.. but it didn't feel good when he said 'sorry' from the letter. WHY SORRY WHY? Just don't retire from being a singer jiwon, then you don't have to be sorry at all. AND everybody's happy.!

+3) Favour to ask, you cannot take away the translations from this blog w/o permission. Thank u. =)

+4) Happy Chinese New Year Everybody! Hope y'all have a great holiday =)

+5) Jeaduc will be discharged from the army on the April 19th 2010!!! woo hoo!! very soon! =D (and i am guessing Jaejin will be done the next month or two after Jaeduc's =D)


jama said...

Aha im first to comment!! Happy Chinese New Year to you izzru and hope u had a great holiday too tho mine i had to spend it muggin for exam -.- But Im so so glad that ur putting this up here along with the trans izzru coz i nearly gone mad wondering what jw message for his fans..what a really sweet and touching message from jw i really hope this isn his last letter message for his fans pls =(

I love this O4U meeting tho i dun really understand what they were talking about but im really glad and elated coz jw talks and mention quite a few of jekki and his grp members name =) and i especially love the parts whereby jw had to choose 3 best gifts from the audience fans and the 3 gifts that he chooses was all related to jekki days and the best part was that he immediately choose the DSF raincoat upon seeing it! That just proved jw still remember alot of jekki moments! But 1 question from me izzru why does jw choose that pic as one of the best gifts?is there any special stuff about that pic?

HOOHAH!!! jaeduc coming out frm MS on April 19th???? Thats abt hmm 2 mths frm now! Woot!! im so excited for his discharge i really hope to see him active again on air best with jw and jaejin once he's out frm MS too haha :D

im_jikies said...

Annyeong yorobun ..

izzru !!!! thanks a lot for the translation !!!

i am really search for this translation .. thanks a lot dear XD

janjher said...


Im janjher from jiwon's soompi thread... thank you for the letter trans from jiwon's fan meeting ...again i was teary eyed reading the trans ... can i ask ur permission to post the trans letter in soompi. just the trans letter ... thank you

Lisa said...

I just want to thank Izzru for being so awsome as usual! Thank you for translating this letter from Jiwon I have tears in my eyes from reading it right now at work T.T and the Jaeduc news just makes me smile like there is no tommrow, Jaeduckkie oppa! I LUV YOU!!
And HI janjher !! I thought I was in Soompi when I saw your name ^^;;
Happy New years to everyone who celebrates it!!

izzru said...

hullo everyone. thank u all for coming here =) hope everybody enjoyed the translation and the vid. good day all!

Leandra Leal said...

Can I translate and share? I will give the due credits
thanks for listening 💛

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