Sechs Kies 1st Album :: Pom Saeng Pom Sa - LIVE performance

Live Performance of
The Way of Man, aka Pom Saeng Pom Sa
Aired in 1997

This song is my all time favourite and it is the most Sechs Kies-ish song in my point of view. As everyone knows, 1st Album had a splendid start with Hak Won Byul Gok with its phenomenal dance moves. But, second of all and certainly not least, this song namely known as "Pom Saeng Pom Sa" become a SERIOUS MEGA HIT.
The phrase "Pom Saeng Pom Sa" means you live by "pom" and die by "pom", Saeng (생, 生) means live and Sa (사, 死) means death. And Pom is actually a korean modified word for "Form". Form meaning by figure or poise. If I may paraphrase the title, it means that Poise is the absolute factor in Life. (or something like that, i'm not the greatest interpreter mind u! ;D)
Sechs Kies fans and other non-fan people used and/or still using this expression in many other ways. Fans often use this phrase "Jek Saeng Jek Sa" - meaning you live by Jekki and die by Jekki, LOL somewhat cute ain't it? =D
Not only from the catching title but the spectacular dance moves were eye catches too. Carefully observe their dance moves at the beginning of the song. When they sing the part "나 폼에 살고 죽고 폼 때문에 살고" they just bounce up to the waist line, jump down and jump right up. Another amazing thing is that they do this and they sing LIVE. Now, who dare to say they can't sing? Who dare to say idols can't sing? huh? >:D
Their splendid ad libs, jumpy and vigorous dance moves and their live singing ability - all those things make me proud to be their fan, no doubt!!
I totally miss those golden days when there were singers like Sechs Kies who could actually sing their song perfectly in live with those vigorous dance moves.


jama said...

A very good detailed description of the title now i understand the meaning to it:) Lol jek saeng jek sa actually when i first heard this song i thot it was unique the tune sounded abit like a trot sound tho lol haha but no doubt u will juz love the song due to its catchyness which is not a wonder that this song (along wif that cute dance move in the beginning) is one of jekki song that brings down to kpop music history isnt it?

izzru said...

jama// LOL absolutely! This song can actually represent Sechs Kies as well as the K-pop in 90s. (This and 'Couple' too) It does have kinda trot-ish tune to it doesn't it? I guess mabbe that's the reason Im luving this song LOL Not that I am a trot fan or anything but I do like the melody and rhythm of trot hahaha XD and sunghoon sings like trot-ish kinda way LOL i luv him and his way of singing, altho he doesn't sing like this anymore, sigh* his voice is more like a ballad type of voice now which im luving it also but i miss the old days! haha.

jama said...

Yes actually i been analyzing(LOL) what that makes sechskies song so unique from the others boyband and i figure out its actually sunghoon style of trot-ish singing altho his voice kinda sound abit feminie but i think sunghoon voice can really diversified in various genre which was clearly shown during sechskies day :)

izzru said...

jama// i luv the way of sunghoon's singing and his trotish vocal skill absolutely adds up more to the positive side! XD and for me, cuz of sunghoon's style of singing, Jekki songs are more of the music to my ears and makes them easy listening kinda songs hahaa =)

btty said...

I need the lyrics of this song ...please! do you have it??... I looked for it on internet and I didn't find it...please...I want to sing it... send it to this e-mail:

jama said...

hi btty i have sent the lyrics over to your email :)

Eken said...

hi , excuse me , i m a jekki's fan , can you send me the Pomsaeng Pomsa's FULL lyrics? coz' all the Lyrics that i have found are incomplete.
btw thanks and sorry for my english , my main lenguaje is Spanish lol sry.
Ty for everything
my mail is

jama said...

hi eken do u need the lyrics in korean?romanization or eng trans?

Anonymous said...

hi , i need the lyrics in romanization coz' i cant read Korean lol , and if you can/want the eng trans plz.
Ty for everything.

Eken said...

wow sorry , i m that anonymous lol

jama said...

Hi eken send the romanized lyric t u ardy sorry i dun have the lyrics trans tho for this song :(

Eken said...

hi , thank you so much , no problem , take care :)

killen said...

hi jama, can you send me the lyrics too^^?
been looking for it but never saw the full one..
can you send me the hangul plus the romanization, please? thanks~ :)

Van Ez said...

Hello.. where are these dsf?? Sechskies is comeback on infinity challenge. Lets's have party here ����

supernatural093 said...

Ahh!! They're back!! :D

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